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      A muzzle is a device placed over an animal's snout to keep them from biting or otherwise opening its mouth. A muzzle may be required at some point in a dog's life - in the public area, veterinarian's, or groomer's. Some communities have made it a law to muzzle dogs in public. Muzzles can even help prevent dogs from eating dangerous things while on walks. There are many different types of muzzles available, depending on their use, your dog's breed, and personality.

      *Designed as a temporary restraint only. Never leave a muzzled dog unattended, as prolonged use or improperly fitted muzzles can affect a dog's natural ability to cool itself.

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      1. Is It Cruel to Muzzle a Dog?

      Not cruel, a fitting dog muzzle will not cause your dog any pain or discomfort. While your pup may not like the dog muzzle the first time she puts it on, basic training can help her get used to this new product. Once they get used to the dog basket muzzle, dogs will be able to pant, drink and even snack with ease.

      The harness can be better control of your pet. Dog harness and the dog's body contact area are relatively large, in the dog's traction when the harness force dog more evenly, so that the dog will be more comfortable to wear. And the harness is not concentrated in the dog's neck, so the dog is also relatively more willing to wear, to prevent the dog forward when the force is all on the channel, making them feel more comfortable.

      2. Do Muzzles Make Dogs More Aggressive?

      It is a misguided belief that just because a dog wears a muzzle does not necessarily mean that it has attacked in the past. In fact, many owners use muzzles as a precaution to ensure that their dogs and those around them remain safe.