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      Kuoser offers a wide range of thick leather dog leashes and slim styles for dog walking and training in various environments. These leather dog leashes are made from selected high-quality leather and are durable and trusted by K9 dog trainers worldwide. If you are a dog owner, a leather dog leash is an excellent investment. They don't just look stylish, and they are gentle and soft in your hands.

      All leather dog leashes are handmade, and depending on the size of the whole piece of leather, the length of the leash may vary a bit. They are characterized by high tensile strength, sturdiness, and beauty. The edges are beveled to provide extra handling comfort.

      To match your premium leather dog leash, check out Kuoser's wide range of dog leashesdog collars, dog harnesses, and dog jackets in a variety of shapes and colors.


      1. How to Choose a Leather Dog Leash?

      We have 4ft and 6ft leather dog leashes for better-relaxed dogs in situations where clear boundary restrictions are established. If you're a runner, try our versatile leather dog leashes to free up your hands. Our brown leather dog leashes look premium and can be worn with any color collar combination. Our leash leashes are reinforced for large dogs, and the solid brass snap closure provides plenty of confidence.

      2. Why is Leather Better?

      First of all, leather is non-good for holding in your hand, and a leather leash is less likely to slip out of your hand when your dog pulls or lunges. In addition, if the leather leash gets wet, it won't get slippery like a nylon leash. Your hand will not be torn like a nylon leash when you are battling your dog.

      3. Is the Leather Waterproof?

      Kuoser uses the first layer of cowhide to make a leather dog leash, which is waterproof and breathable, but if it is soaked for a long time, it will also make the inside wet. It is forbidden to use leather dog leashes on rainy days. After all, you wouldn't go out in the rain wearing only your leather jacket.

      4. How Do You Soften the Leather Dog Leash?

      Natural oils will gradually increase with time or use. You can also do regular cleaning treatment of dust removal. Wipe the leather maintenance oil on a clean cotton cloth and wipe the surface evenly to restore the softness of the leather itself to prevent aging.

      5. How to Clean Your Leather Dog Leash?

      Please use a dry and soft cotton cloth to wipe off the dust and stains, and use the leather maintenance oil for the dirt that is difficult to wipe off.