6 Factors That Affect Golden Retriever Shedding

popular golden retriever The Golden Retriever is one of the more popular dog breeds. It is easy to raise, patient and does not require much from its owner, as long as it is exercised regularly, fed, and vet checked. It is a well-proportioned, powerful and lively breed, characterized by solid, well-fitted body parts, legs that are neither too long nor too clumsy, a friendly expression, a warm, alert, confident, and unafraid personality, and a delightful character. It is very friendly with children or babies. The Golden Retriever is ranked fourth in the world in terms of breed IQ.

Why Golden Retriever Shedding?

But did you know that in addition to the golden retriever's serious shedding during the hair change period, the other 6 factors that are not done well will also cause the golden retriever shedding?

  • 1. Parasites
  • 2. Skin Disease
  • 3. Wrong Way of Bathing
  • 4. Eating Too Salty
  • 5. Lack of Vitamins
  • 6. Anxiety

First of all, there is no need to be particularly nervous. We must first determine whether the Golden Retriever Shedding is a partial or full body. Localized shedding is often the result of parasites or skin diseases, and you need to promptly seek the help of your local veterinarian.

1. Infection of Parasites
If the golden retriever is infected with parasites, it will feel itchy skin, bit its itchy part to relieve the itch, naturally be ripped off a lot of hair. Pet owners who find their dogs have parasites should do a good job of deworming quickly and prevent their dogs from getting infected by playing in the grass and garbage.

"I clean his bed regularly because his dog bed is easy to breed bacteria, so on weekends, I take his bed to the yard to be exposed to the sun. In this way, can kill the maximum extent of mites." --Jake

2. Suffering from Skin Disease
Golden Retriever gets dermatitis, and fungal infectious skin disease will appear serious shedding. This situation should be promptly rubbed on the dog with some anti-inflammatory skin medicine while keeping the dog's skin and fur dry to avoid further expanding the diseased skin area. It is best to send it to the vet to see the treatment for a dog with serious skin disease.

3. Error Bathing
Error bathing refers to two ways. One is to the golden retriever bathing too often, resulting in the golden retriever's surface protective oil layer is destroyed, the hair becomes easy to shed. The second is the golden retriever bathing with human bath products, resulting in the golden retriever shedding. Therefore, it is recommended that pet owners generally give their kids a bath every 2 weeks (depending on how much they play outside, how much they play with other dogs, and how much they swim.) It is better to use a professional dog shampoo.

4. Eat Too Salty
Dog can't eat too salty food, and human food is not suitable. Dogs eat too salty, for their kidney function and skin health have a bad impact. Like the Golden Retriever ate a relatively high salt food, it is easy to appear shedding. It is recommended that Golden Retriever choose to eat light and low salt, containing deep-sea fish oil dog food is better.

5. Lack of Vitamins
Vitamins are essential for all living things to maintain health. If golden retrievers lack them, there will be rough fur and hair shed serious phenomenon. The most effective and fastest way to replenish vitamins is to feed the dog pet vitamins tablets, but the general lack of vitamins is due to the dog diet is too single for a long time. A rich diet is a long-term solution to the root cause.

6. Anxiety
Another aspect is your golden retriever's lack of family care, causing the dog to get separation anxiety, then the dog may also chew their own leg fur. So please pay more attention play with your pet. Exercise them regularly.

dog anxiety

A Normal and Natural Phenomenon:Golden Retriever Shedding

Apart from the above reasons, the Golden Retriever will change its coat in spring and summer. This is a normal metabolic phenomenon.
And during the hair change must pay attention to nutrition. Eat better dog food, eat a little less cheese (half a slice is good), eat a little natural seaweed powder if possible, enhance immunity, increase pigmentation. The dog's fur will also be perfect. You will find these short, coarse hairs on furniture, clothing, and carpets, even floating in the air. Embarrassingly when you attend events, you will also have golden hair on your clothes.


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How to Keep Clean?

How To Reduce Golden Retriever Shedding?

1. Take your Golden Retriever out to the sun to help improve the quality of the fur and keep it in a healthy and shiny condition.
2. As mentioned before, the Golden Retriever should pay attention to a light diet, choose light and low salt, containing deep-sea fish oil, containing a variety of vitamins and trace elements of natural dog food. It can relieve the serious phenomenon of hair shed, promote hair growth, and improve the hair's rough, dull condition. In addition, the appropriate mix of feeding some vegetables and meat to enrich the diet structure, perfect Golden Retriever health.
3.Take them to a professional groomer, who can provide bathing and grooming services to care for the Golden Retriever's coat and trim its claws.
4. Get used to it! Accept it for what it is.

"Look carefully at the state of the skin to see if there are parasites, mites, or fungus. If you find red spots or small red bumps, you can basically diagnose mites, take your dog to the hospital to inject ivermectin once a week, basically three weeks to get better. If there are other skin abnormalities, take Golden Retriever to the hospital as soon as possible to diagnose what is causing." -Oliver

Is Your Golden Retriever Shedding?

Final Thoughts

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