Dogs' Plaid Fashion In Winter

Hey, If you ask me what style would never be out of fashion in cold weather, it must be plaid, plaid, plaid!!

Plaid is a representative of classic fashion elements. It originated in Scotland and has been used to identify enemies, identify family surnames, and distinguish noble ranks. Now it has become an indispensable part of classic fashion elements.

Plaid is one of this winter’s biggest trends in dog fashion, judging from our doglovers’ picks.Dress your pet dog with plaid would never let you down in the winter.

1: Classic Plaid Dog Coat:

Kuoser’s best selling plaid dog jacket made of thick polyester+TC,which keep your pet dogs always be warm and comfortable.The most attractive point for this product is the reversible type,you can dress the dogs in two different styles,like this:

Besides red color, green/blue/pink/brown/beige plaid are selectable.


2: Christmas Plaid Dog Jacket

I love the color and pattern because it reminds me of the holidays.Christmas is coming, I brought a red plaid coat and wanted my dog to dress alike, so this is perfect. On the other side,it’s warm cotton lining&water-resistant fabric provides dogs the best protection against rain, snow and moisture.


3:Hoodie Plaid Dog Apparel

Hoodies are a style staple for humans when the weather gets cold, so do pets.The detachable hat of the dog cold weather coat makes you can dress up your pet in two different styles, and the classic British plaid makes the dog snowsuit becomes a fantastic decoration to help your pet looks more fashionable and pretty.


Get the Look:

1:Classic Plaid Dog Cost

2:Christmas Plaid Dog Jacket

3: Hoodie Plaid Dog Apparel


It is retro and versatile, unisex,suitable for all seasons. I believe no matter how the fashion changes, the plaid will never be out. 



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