Why My Dog Doesn’t Like Me? What Do I Do

If you suspect that a dog doesn't like you, don't stress, and rest assured that you are not the only dog parent with these concerns. Sometimes a dog may seem distant, but that doesn't mean you can't bond with your furry friend, and it certainly doesn't mean your pet hates you. Solve your doubts here.

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10 Signs Your Dog Doesn't Like You

Active Avoiding You: They will actively avoid the owner. Because there is something about you that makes them feel insecure or the dog hates you.

Dogs Refuse to Be Petted: Petting a dog can reassure them, release stress, and improve the bond between dog and guardian. But if the dog frequently backs away when you touch it, that's a sign that something is wrong.

Dogs Hair Bristled: Dogs are also known to bristle their hair in anger, making themselves larger by bristling their hair. When its fur from head to tail all erect, it is already in anger.

Tuck in the Tail: The dog is nervous, cautious, and even afraid of you at this time.

Look Away: Although dogs usually don't like to look you directly in the eye, if they always avoid your gaze or seem to cower when you look at them, this indicates that they feel uncomfortable.

Barking or Growling at You: Dogs make aggressive noises. When the owner approaches the dog, they bark or growl at you.

Showing Teeth: Like growling or barking, showing teeth signifies that a dog is unhappy. If they do this to you, they are probably warning you to stay away. We need to be very careful because this is when the dog will attack any creature that threatens him.

Biting or Scratching: Dogs don't like you or feel threatened by you. They may try to bite. Some food protective dogs will also exhibit this behavior.
We need to be very careful with these situations, especially if they are likely to be disease carriers.

Not Interested in the Toys or Snacks You Give: If the dog does not like you, it will not be interested in the toys or snacks you give, not because it does not like snacks, it means that it really does not like you.

Ignore Your Order: do not obey your command. Ignore what you say.

"Please be careful, don't put yourself in danger! If the dog shows any signs of physical aggression, hire a professional for help."

Why Do Dogs Not Like You?

It's hard to find a definitive answer to this question because we can't get our dogs to talk and tell us what we're doing wrong. But based on feedback from dog moms and dads, here's a summary of why. Check it out!

1. You bully it
In fact, if the owner often likes to bully the dog, then the dog will certainly not like you or even hate you, so the owner usually does not scare the dog.

Owners should play more games with the dog so that the dog will love you more!

2. You ignore it
If the owner ignores the dog for a long time when you get home, do not play with the dog, or do not feed it, then the dog also hates you, does not like you, so the owner must keep in mind.

And some dogs have been neglected for a long time. There will be depression!

3. You Lock up it
Dogs are very freedom-loving. It is very much hoping to go out and play every day. If the owner often Locks the dog up, the dog is not only easy to get sick, depressed. The dog will hate you.

And long-term Locks dog temper will be very grumpy, out of the time may bite people Oh!

4. You do not love it
If the dog often spoils other animals or dogs in front of the dog, then the dog will hate you because it feels that you do not love it, it will be very jealous.

If your dog is very jealous, then do not touch other dogs in front of it. Oh!

5. You hit it
Owners must not take the dog as a tool for anger, long-term beatings, and kicks of the dog, only more and more hate you, and the dog will become more aggressive at this time, there are attacks on people.

Dogs who make mistakes can give a little punishment but do not go too far. The dog is brilliant as long as the owner more training, it will also be perfect, and the dog is very gluttonous as long as with some training dog snacks chicken jerky, it will be happier!

6. You force it
Dogs are things they do not like. The owner should not force the dog to do, for example, bathing. If your dog is afraid, the owner should not force it, and it should slowly guide.

Owners can start training from the dog into the shower room to help the dog slowly overcome, rather than directly flush, which will make it more afraid of bathing, and hate you!

What Can I Do?

  • Please pay attention to their body language: Dogs use their body language to communicate with us. If we start paying more attention to their facial expressions and posture, we can get an idea of how they feel.
  • Petting: Gentle petting is a very acceptable way to show friendliness in the dog's eyes.
  • Eye contact: Eye contact is just as important to dogs. The best eye contact is a short, confident, and friendly stare, where the dog will voluntarily move his eyes. If you give him a little petting at this time, the act is equivalent to having a friendly conversation with your dog.
  • Language: The content of the Language has no meaning to the dog. It is the tone of voice that creates the real "magic." A dog's intelligence allows it to understand the feelings contained in its tone of voice fully. Soft tone, excited tone, angry tone, and so on, the dogs will be based on our voice frequency and size to determine what we want to say.
  • Feeding: Set a point in time to feed your dog. Feeding your dog food is the fastest way to develop affection. The right way is to call the dog, let the dog sit, and then give the dog food!
  • Reward and punishment: Reward for doing the right thing and punishment for doing the wrong thing is the way of communication that passes for all intelligent creatures, and dogs are no exception. Through rewards and punishments can make the dog most intuitive understanding of what to do and what not to do.
  • Walking: taking your dog for a walk is also a quick way to improve your relationship with your dog. Oh, and there are also rules for walking. You must go out with a leash and a muzzle. This will make other people feel at ease. After all, not everyone likes dogs, so it is important to do a good job of safety measures!

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Dogs to Show You Love in 9 Ways

1. Lick You
The dog will certainly like you very much if you find your dog often lick you. Please do not feel that the dog is dirty. It likes you very much. Even if it bites you, it will not be hard.

2. Stare at You
It is said that the dog's IQ is like a baby's. This sentence is correct. The dog also has its learning ability. However, it will not be as strong as people, the ability to accept so quickly, you find that the dog has been staring at you, it means that your dog is observing your actions and shows that it is very relationship, very like you.

3. Put Head on Your Lap
This is a way of pampering the dog, and he wants you to touch its head, touch its chin so that the dog is very comfortable and very happy.

4. Tail Swinging
If you find your dog's tail wagging from side to side, this is a sign that the dog is happy. It likes you very much.

5. Show Belly
Animals generally do not show their bellies, because generally speaking, the belly is the most vulnerable part of the animal. If your dog shows his belly to you, it means that he trusts you very much, very much like you. Then you touch his belly, it will feel pleased.

6. Dog is Very Excited After You Go Home
If you find that you come home from work, the dog keeps barking and around you. It likes you very much, which is as long as you touch its head, the dog will also be thrilled.

7. Share Toy to You
If the dog often grips a toy to you to let you play with it. They will like people who often play with them.

8. Sleep Together
When the master sleeps, the pet will jump on the master's bed and the master to sleep together, which shows that the dog is very fond of you and very trusting of you.

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9. Patted It
Dogs do like to let people pet them, but what it likes most is the owner's touch, and the stranger's touch, for them, is very uncomfortable. This is why, when a stranger pets them, they are depressed.

Final Thoughts

Observe your dog and find the right way to improve your relationship. Any dog will be an essential member of your family.

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