20 signs you are an awesome dog mom

Are you really a dog mom

It’s something that’s impossible to explain to people who have never had a dog. Maybe that’s why many of our favorite people are dog moms.

So many of us have dreamed of what it would be like to have our very own dog because dogs are amazing, beautiful, and the best friends you’ll ever have. But, to be a good dog mom is a very challenging thing.

With that in mind, here are 20 signs you can think about and test if yourself is a good dog mom.

  1. You think it’s super romantic when instead of jewelry, your partner gives you custom artwork of your dog.
  2. Your dog always turns your frown upside down and you’re not angry about it.
  3. You watch “Marley & Me” when you need a really good cry.
  4. You put more effort into picking out your dog's Halloween costume than you do your own.
  5. You like the smell of wet dog.
  6. Your dog is your no.1 priority.
  7. Your dog always comes up in any conversation you have.
  8. Your dog answers to his name as well as “Baby,” “Sweet Pea,” “Little Love,” “Mr. Perfect Handsome Boy,” “Fuzzy Buddy” and/or many, many other terms of endearment.
  9. You never miss an opportunity to celebrate your dog.
  10. Your social media pages have more photos of your dog than yourself.
  11. You see a puppy and start wondering if your dog needs a sister or brother.
  12. Leaving your dog for the day and when traveling never gets easier.
  13. Your dog was a bridesmaid or ring bearer in your wedding.
  14. You rock dog hair like a fashion accessory.
  15. You bring your dog any and every where.
  16. Your dog has their own closet.
  17. When you show up without your baby, most are disappointed.
  18. Your bed isn’t actually your bed.
  19. On a tender note, when a friend’s dog passes away, you send a sympathy card and make a donation to a nonprofit like the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in memory of their dog.
  20. You’ve unfriended people that come into your home without acknowledging your dog.

At the end of the day, a dog truly is a man's best friend. Let's face it, no one will be more patient with your mood swings, cheer you up when you're feeling blue or keep your secrets better than your dog.


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