Shop Kuoser for all the latest cold and rainy weather dog snowsuit trends by our design, including rain, snow, and even Winter protection. Each time you go for a walk, we’re sure you’ll find just the fitting JACKETS & COATS fit for your best friends. Winter dog coats with patterns, including plaid quilted dog coats, fleece dog coats, and padded dog coats. Matching dog boots will keep your adventurous pup toasty, while waterproof dog coats will help keep them dry when the conditions get sloppy.

Does the rainy season cause your dog to hide under the couch because he doesn't want to get his paws wet no matter how bad he has to go? Check out our best dog raincoats jackets that will keep him dry and warm on days like these. We select the best Dog Coats & Jackets for Small Medium Large Dogs (XS-3XL).

How to Choose the Right Dog Jackets? Warmth or Waterproofness

Each Kuoser dog jacket has carefully matched key features to help your pooch meet the challenges as winter approaches.

  • Waterproof material: perfect for rain and wet snow conditions
  • Fluffy, non-toxic material: adds warmth in cold temperatures, dry snow
  • Fleece lining: adds warmth and comfort All-wool jackets can be used as a stand-alone insulator in dry, excellent conditions or as a layering piece in colder conditions
  • Harness: Your dog isn't the only one you need to worry about when he's walking off-leash.
  • Turtleneck: Great for cold temperatures, windy conditions to add warmth

Inclement weather or certain activities may require these features combined in a single jacket or a layering system. Check out the video for a more in-depth look at each Kuoser jacket. Whether it's snowy or cold and windy, the Reversible Plaid Dog Winter Jacket is ready to handle it all.

Sleeved or Sleeveless?

Choose the right coverage with a jacket with sleeves that offers more range and more warmth. This style works well in freezing temperatures - perfect for short-haired dogs.

Sleeveless jackets are popular among dogs that are difficult to fit (i.e., broader shoulders or thicker chest, neck, or legs). Also, they usually use Velcro rather than zippers, which makes them easier to put on - great for aging dogs.

Velcro or Zippers?

If your dog has its unique size, a dog jacket with Velcro is a good idea. The backed Velcro is very easy to use and provides a more substantial wrap for your dog. The downside is that you will get fur-covered Velcro in the future.

There is no doubt that zippers are more robust than Velcro, but they lack a lot of room for adjustment. Our designers help hard-to-fit dogs by pairing them with Stitching Drawstring.


1. Do Dog Jackets Keep Them Warm?

Of course. Whether it is a big dog or a small dog, they all can withstand the cold, just because they are always kept indoors now, so the tiny dog's ability to withstand the cold has decreased, so they need to wear some clothes when they go out in winter.

2. Do Dogs Like Wearing Coats?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Our friends love to play outside in the cold winter months. They need warm clothing such as sweaters and coats, excluding Alaskan Sled Dogs and Siberian Huskies.

3. Should Dogs Wear Boots in the Winter?

Many states will snow in winter, and longer days, the snow falls on the ground for a long time. To avoid the snow is too thick to affect people's travel, most will be sprinkled with coarse salt as snowmelt, dogs walking on it, these coarse salt grains will be caught in the middle of their toes, even if the owner timely cleaning will also cause harm to the dog.

4. When Should You Put a Coat on a Dog?

  • Your dog will express shivering, and his body will be in a hunched posture.
  • Your furry friend will feel anxious, barks more frequently, and seek places for shelter.


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