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Ready to get out the door? Put on your shoes and bring your cute companion. What's the weather like outside? Harsh conditions call for giving your pup a little extra paw protection and keeping her comfortable. In the summer, waterproof boots and sport sandals are perfect for hot pavement or dusty trails. Kuoser has everything you need to protect your pet from dog boots to dog coats, whether she's out for a good time or a quick walk.

In winter, the roads are always wet because of snow and weather. After taking your dog out for a walk, you will inevitably get some mud and dirt on your paws. Once you get home, your dog is scurrying all over the place, stepping on footprints all over the floor, which is fine, but if you get excited and run straight to the couch, it's even more of a headache. And after they put on dog boots, you can prevent this from happening.

There are many benefits to dogs wearing shoes, they may not well walk in shoes at first, but if you slowly get your dog used to going in shoes, it saves you a lot of work. So wearing shoes is undoubtedly good, but also, according to the dog's situation, it should not be maintained for a long time to wear shoes.


1. Are Dog Shoes Cruel?

Not. Wearing shoes is not to wear them all the time. It depends on the situation. Not a pair of shoes can be worn in all seasons, depending on the weather and environment, to consider changing shoes for your dog.

2. Are Dog Boots Worth It?

Many people will say why we put shoes on our dogs, but it's not because they are fashionable and look good. Sometimes it's a little funny for dogs to wear shoes, especially when they are just learning to walk in them, but sometimes we have no choice but to put shoes on our dogs.

3. Do Dogs Need Shoes on Hot Pavement?

Yes. When the dog has a foot on the sidewalk, park oil pavement, or even sand, walking for some time, the hot sun will likely be desirable to burn the soles of the feet. The dog is a very tolerant animal, even a little discomfort, as long as it can still walk, it will not show; when the foot is hot to blister, or even flesh are scalded, the owner back home to help the dog wipe the sole, may find. Refuse to walk your dog in the middle of the day in summer.

4. What Are the Best Shoes for Dogs?

The best dog boots will be made of waterproof or water-resistant materials, have flexible soles with adjustable straps, and fit comfortably over your dog's paws.

5. What Size Dog Boots Do I Need?

Measurements should be taken on the front paws, as generally, the dog's front paws will be larger than the back paws. When measuring, let him stand and measure his actual length and width so that his center of gravity will fall on his paws.

The dog's paws in the air and on the ground, the size will be somewhat different because the dog's paws on the small fleshy pad are elastic, and some dogs can be particularly naughty, not cooperate when measuring. A little trick is to step on the dog's forefoot on white paper, take a pen and draw circles around the paws, measure the length and width, and then zoom in a little.