Durable, light, and comfortable dog life jackets, PFD for dogs, and dog life vests. The ultimate life jacket for dogs, designed for those who like to gather with humans in the lake, river, or backyard swimming pool. We choose the best here. Buy the latest dog life jackets and swimsuit vests at Kuoser. Whether it is small or extra-large, bulldog, or golden retriever, please ensure the safety of your favorite friends. Even the strongest dog swimmer should wear a dog life jacket. We talk about where, when, where, and why your puppy needs one.


1. Why Does My Dog Hate Water?

Actually, no. The reason dogs are so afraid of water is that their fur is not waterproof and is soft. When wet, the fur will cling to the body, making the dog feel uncomfortable. And dog hair is used to isolate from the outside environment and play the role of temperature regulation, sun protection, and perception of things. When the fur is wet, it is equivalent to losing these functions, which will make the dog very insecure. So the dog is not afraid of water but afraid to get its fur wet.

2. How to Help Dogs Overcome the Fear of Water?

  • 1. Usually, dogs are more afraid of the first contact with water, so the dog owner can take care of the dog's first water psychology and never roughly throw the dog into the water. It is best to let the dog's feet feel first if they do not resist rewarding some snacks.
  • 2. You can put the dog's favorite toys into the water and then encourage the dog to enter the water. Again, this should be done slowly. Do not rush, never.
  • 3. Lifejackets can help build confidence. And some dogs love them!


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