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The importance of dog fetch toys is underestimated by many pet owners, and most owners feel that pet toys are optional. Having dog fetch toys for your dog can be very useful, and the benefits are exceptional. For example, during the day when your dog is home alone, it is essential to have a little toy for him to play with to pass the boring time.

We know that dogs can actually become depressed for various reasons, so preparing some fun and fresh toys to make his life less lonely is also very useful to avoid depression in dogs. Among them, balls are one of the most popular toys for dogs. When buying toys, chew resistance and safety are two important considerations.

Kuoser's selection of dog fetch toys including balls, launchers & frisbees. You'll be playing catch with your pup so much will have your puppy leaping for joy.


1. Why Fetch is Good for Dogs?

  • Relieve boredom: Many dogs grow up but continue to retain the habit of chasing their tails. If your dog's behavior annoys you, you can try to give it many exciting toys to play with and something safe for it to bite. I believe it will not be bored to chase their tails to play. Dog fetch toys can help dogs relieve boredom.
  • Weight control: Some dogs are lazy and usually do not like to exercise, resulting in obesity, seriously affecting dogs' health. Dog fetch toys are the secret weapon against lazy dogs. A fun fetch toy can often attract their interest so that they do know how to move.
  • Promote affection: Dog fetch toys require the owner and the dog to play together, such as balls, Frisbee, and the dog, to help enhance the relationship between each other.

2. Do Dogs Get Bored of Fetch?

Dogs' emotions are very delicate and rich, and they have very similar characteristics to humans - like the old and like the new. A few years ago, researchers found that they always prefer the new item when dogs face two items. This shows that dogs will be the same as humans, the most common is that dogs will own toys to produce a dull mentality, no longer like to play with an old toy.

3. Why Do Dogs Love Playing Fetch?

Because of its shape, a ball is easy to move. That's why dogs like to play with balls. It is because they are born with the instinct to chase moving objects (inherited from the predatory instinct of wolves) and want to carry things and then hand over the "prey" to the leader (i.e., you) as a sign of goodwill.