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60 products


Shop Kuoser for the best dog hoodies & sweatshirts and keep your pup stylish and warm. Whether your pet needs a dog sweatshirt for a wintry walk, or your pup may be a fashionista and likes to display the newest in pet apparel, Kuoser has options to assist them to stay toasty and cute.

When the temperatures drop, your pup may have an additional coat to keep it cozy and warm. While your dog comes with a year-round coat of their own, dressing your pet in dog hoodies or sweatshirts can help keep them shielded from the cold, especially if they're older, tiny, or have thinner coats.

We carry many dog hoodies & sweatshirts in multiple styles, colors, and sizes for each occasion's right fit. FREE shipping on orders $39+ and shop our collection of dog hoodies & sweatshirts today!

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