5 Dog Sleeping Positions That Tell You Secrets About Your Pup

Have you ever noticed how your dog sleeps? Because our dogs can't directly tell us things about them, sometimes we as pet owners have to take it upon ourselves to do some digging. Different sleeping positions indicate some facts about dogs that you may never know. These include the dog's personality, health, and current emotions. In this blog post, I will explain to you the meaning of 5 dog sleeping positions and the things you need to pay attention to as a dog owner from a scientific point of view.

1. The donut

Dog sleeping position the donut

Does your dog hide its paws under its body when it sleeps, and then roll up its body to rest head on the tail? Shows an O shape like a delicious donut? This position can hide all the vital organs of the dog's body. When your dog sleeps in this position, it means that it's trying to protect itself while sleeping. Perhaps this is because it has just moved into a new home and is adapting to a new environment. 

There is another explanation, it is attempting to preserve its body heat. When the weather is too cold, dogs are especially likely to sleep in this position. As a dog owner, you can consider buying a piece of warm clothes like Kuoser plaid reversible dog jacket for it to resist the cold.

2. Crazy legs

dog sleeping position crazy legs

Your dog may look very adorable when sleeping in this position. As a human being, you may feel incredible about this sleeping position, because if you sleep in this way, you will face the problem of falling asleep. But the dog won't do the same. This position indicates that the dog relaxes its vigilance about the surrounding environment and has a sense of security for the home environment. In contrast, the wolves that survive in the wild never sleep in this position. However, a dog in this sleeping position may be feeling very hot and wants to speed up heat dissipation by stretching its four legs.

3. Superman

dog sleeping position superman

In this position, the dog is seen to sleep on its stomach. The superman sleeping position is probably one of the cutest among all dog sleeping positions. It may bring you a warm smile when you see this sleeping position. Dogs in the superman sleeping position look as handsome as flying in the air when they sleep. However, the dog will only adopt this position when taking a nap, and you will not see it sleeping like this all night. This position is an indication that it is currently in a good mood to play. Maybe after it wakes up, throw a ball toy to it, it will play with you happily.

4. The lion pose

dog sleeping position lion pose

The lion pose is when your dog sleeps with its head on its paws. In this position, it means your dog is preventing itself from falling into a deep sleep. It indicates that your dog relieves stress or fatigue. It would prefer staying in a resting position where it can get up and play.

5. The side sleeper

dog sleeping position side sleeper

Just like humans, dogs love to sleep on their side very much. Lying on its side and stretching its legs can make your dog feel very comfortable. This is a very common sleeping position. Puppies or older dogs with stiff joints prefer to choose this position. If your dog sleeps in this position, it may be indicating that it is at ease with its surroundings. Dogs will sleep in this position when they are feeling comfortable with their surroundings and are at a comfortable temperature. Dogs sleeping in this position are very loyal to you.

I hope you enjoy the 5 typical dog sleeping positions I mentioned above in this blog and their hidden secrets. If you found this blog post helpful to you, why not share it with your friends. It will be helpful to us to get discovered by more doglovers.


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